The people currently shaking their fists at the nor‘easter which is shutting down the East Coast can shake them at eastern Kansas as well.

According to Mike Griffin, National Weather Service meteorologist, the minor system which came through the area Friday and Saturday, leaving behind a little freezing drizzle and some snow flurries became a monster after leaving here.

“The Christmas Eve situation was just a little light system that kicked through the area,” he said. “But the energy from that caused the big nor‘easter that‘s tearing up the coast. It got itself together quickly when it dove into the South East.”

Griffin said the area will warm up going into Thursday with a major cold front coming behind it.

According to the NWS Web site, Thursday‘s highs are supposed to be in the low 60s.

“The average highs this time of year are in the 40s,” Griffin said. “When it hits 60 this time of year you can expect trouble so there could be some active weather.”

NWS is predicting rain on Friday with the possibility of thunderstorms and possibly some light snow behind the front on Saturday.

Griffin said right now NWS is not expecting a major storm behind the front, although temperatures will fall back into the lower 30s for highs very quickly, but stressed this many days out the models are still very fluid.

“It‘s hard to pinpoint at this point,” Griffin said.