Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

Explain something to me here, Iím confused.

Granted thatís not a new condition for me, I spend a lot of time confused ó but the logic on this one escapes me.

The health plan currently making itís way through congress would levy a tax on so-called ďCadillac PlansĒ which are defined, apparently, as any plan better than the one the government thinks you should have.

The Democrats claim they want everyone to have good health care, a noble goal Iím sure. But they want to pay for it, by taxing employers who offer ó wait for it ó†really good health care to their employees ó except, of course, for unions.

Of course, this would mean most employers who offer better than average healthcare plans to their employees would be unable to afford those plans, and have to stop offering them, forcing their employees on to lesser plans, or the government plan.

So, in the name of providing better healthcare, we will lower the healthcare standard of those who already have ó better healthcare.

Oh, and if this abortion of a healthcare plan passes, the ďbenefitsĒ wonít start until 2014, but the taxes will start ó immediately.

The logic of raising taxes during a recession escapes me as well, but thatís a discussion for another time.

I might almost be willing to go for this reform if it werenít for the fact the people writing the bill are exempt from it.

Thatís right folks, congress has their own system that us peons arenít allowed to access.

The monumental arrogance of these people just amazes me. More than half the American people are opposed to this so-called reform, and yet they keep pushing for it.

The idea seems to be that we are a bunch of ignorant children who need to shut up and go away while the big people decide whatís best for us.

Never mind that 91 percent of Americans HAVE health insurance and something like 83 percent in most polls like their health insurance ó†this is a priority, it must be pushed through now.

I fail to see the urgency, other than the Dems want to get this done early enough that it hopefully wonít come back to bite them in the butt in November.

I donít think so, the American people as a whole are angry.

We are tired of being ignored by our government, we are mad that things we keep telling them we do not want are shoved down our throats and we are sick and tired of being patted on the head, given a cookie and told to go play while the adults decide what we need.

In Massachusetts for the first time in more than 40 years the Democrats are in danger of losing a senate seat to a Republican. Even if Republican challenger Scott Brown loses in a close race to Martha Coakley today, itís a shot across the bow of the Democrats in Congress ó if she loses, itís a full on broadside into the Democrat ship and a wake up call for Congress.

We gave you your power, we can take it back.

All IMHO of course.