BAXTER SPRINGS — The Baxter Springs City Council listened to a request from Danielle Korthals, President of the Baxter Springs High School LEO club about repainting parts of the mural on the water plant.

Councilman Ron Steele said a student had done a previous retouch of the mural and some paint was still left over. Steele said the paint was at his house and the students could come by and get it for the project. Korthals noted that Larry Cannon will assist students in the partial repainting project. The council gave its approval for the project. Mayor Jenifer Bingham added she would help out on the project when the students were ready to proceed with the project. Council members Robert St.Clair and Ron Costlow were not present at Tuesdays council meeting.

In other business:

• Approved the agenda for the August 28, 2012 council meeting.

• Approved the minutes of the August 13, 2012 council meeting. The minutes reflect a correction made to the minutes by council member Greta Day. The correction noted use of the

city police car to be compliant with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

• Approved appropriation ordinance #3258 consisting of accounts payable of $74,420.43, payroll of $49,024.00 for a total of $123,444.43.

• Renewed the pawn license for Baxter Gun and Pawn. The renewal will run through September 2013.

• Council member Randy Trease annouced the city has been award a $303,100 grant to recap Main street from 3rd Street to 9th Street. The grant will be effective in 2015. Mayor Bingham thanked Jimmy Morton for all the work in obtaining the grant for the city.

• Ron Steele, of the property committee, reported that someone had stolen the air conditioner from the old community center. A new unit has been installed.

• Property Committee member Steele also reported that five houses are to be demolished. Steele added that more houses need to be torn down in the city.

• Water Committee member Gary Allen said there is water pressure problem in the Oak Crest area. A new line may be needed to fix the problem.

Allen also scheduled a meeting about refinancing the general obligation bonds on the water plant for a lower rate. A savings of $410,000 over a 10 year period may be possible.

• Allen reported the water committee will not reduce a high water bill because of usage. “If you turn it on, you have to pay,” said Allen.

• Approved Jimmy Morton to attend a safety and health conference in Wichita.

• Cathy Bolek appeared to ask about music in the downtown area. According to Police Chief David Edmondson the music is turned off if a business complains about it.