The field of candidates in the upcoming general school board election, April 7, has been pared down to three candidates for each office.

Two of the County’s school board had more than four candidates and by state election law they are to be no more than three candidates in each race in the general election.

In the Columbus School District Position Six race Joyce E. Jones led the candidates with 77 votes. John Lopp received 71 votes and Danny Langerot, Jr. received 65 votes. Those eliminated from the general election ballot are Jimmy H. Bowin with 15 votes and Daniel J. O’Hara with 30 votes.

In the Riverton School District John Gaines led the field with 41 votes. Nathan Spriggs received 32 votes and the third candidate on the ballot will be Jerry Wilkins with 17 votes.

There were a total of 361 voters in the election with 98 voting in Riverton and 258 voting in Columbus.