Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Sunday was Fatherís Day and I have to say, this year was a pretty relaxed one around my household.

I can remember a time when I would scramble last minute to find a Fatherís Day gift for dad and figure out how to celebrate the day. Actually to be honest, I was kind of like that with most gift-giving holidays. I was an expert at last minute shopping. In recent years, though, I have taken a new approach to shopping for gifts. I am an online shopper.

Online shopping has made my gift giving days far easier. All I have to plan for is when the gift will arrive. The last two Christmasís all of my shopping was done online. The majority of the birthday shopping I have done in the last year has been done online. And this year I put mom and dadís day into the online shopping list.

This year has also presented a new addition to the way I shop for gifts. That is my brother. He and I have been going in on gifts together. Again the shopping life gets easier. Heck I am even shopping online for myself these days.

I know some people think online shopping is dangerous. Yes, it can be if you are not using reputable sites.

I for one only do my shopping through certain Web sites. Bigger name Web sites with which I have had some experience. If I have to use a Web site that is a smaller one I do not know much about, I do research first. I try to do anything I can when shopping online to keep my information completely safe.

I also have to say the online shopping has completely opened up the world of shopping. There are so many gift possibilities that sometimes I am completely awestruck.

I think some of my favorite gifts I have given include this yearís Motherís Day gift of flowers, ordered online, any zany gift I can get for my sister, and probably this yearís Fatherís Day gift. It is currently still on its way to the house, but since it will arrive before my dad has a chance to see this article I will go ahead and tell about it.

This year my brother and I decided to get my dad a cooler. Not just any cooler mind you. A floating cooler, shaped like a giant red and white fishing bobber.

Any of you who have fished will probably remember that type of bobber. I can remember always having one on my line when I was little and out fishing with my dad. That was before I could recognize the pull of a fish on my line.

I can remember very clearly my dad helping me bait my hook, place the bobber on my line, and teaching me to cast the line into the water. I can also remember, catching my lines on a few trees, almost hitting my dad while casting a few times, and losing a few hooks, but my dad would just laugh it off and help me get the line out of the tree and set me back to casting.

The cooler we ordered has really brought back some great memories of young, happy times. So I think Iíll keep up with the online shopping and bringing a little nostalgia into the household with my zany gifts.

(Stefanie Cope is a staff writer for the Columbus Advocate and the Baxter Springs News. She can be emailed at