Southeast Kansas will see it's first real blast of winter weather this weekend as temperatures are expected to drop into the single digits tonight and struggle to reach the freezing mark on Sunday according to the National Weather Service.

National Weather Service Meteorologist John Gagen said winter has finally arrived, "if only for a few days."

He said the incoming system is bringing with it snow and freezing rain or sleet Sunday night into Monday morning.

"We're tracking a system coming in late Sunday from which we'll see some accumulating precipitation," he said. "As cold as it's going to get it'll accumulate pretty quickly."

Gagen said Friday NWS was not yet certain what for the precipitation could take, but expected some sleet or freezing rain on Monday.

"The Monday morning commute could be pretty tricky," he said.

Cherokee County Agriculture Extension Agent Dennis Elbrader said the cold temperatures could be a boon to the area wheat crop.

According to Elbrader one of the big risks wheat in a mild winter like the area has had this year, is that it will grow too fast, and begin to "joint" too early.

Jointing is when the head of the wheat begins to grow into the stem. If that happens early in the year and there is a late freeze it can severely damage the crop.

"If it gets down to 8 or 10 degrees it'll set (the crop) back a little and that could be good," Elbrader said. "I've seen some wheat that was a little to big for this time of year."

Additionally, the area has been struggling with an extended drought for most of the last year, so Elbrader said the moisture will be welcome.

"Some of that subsoil moisture needs to be replenished," he said.

Gagen said the weather won't stay cold for long, warming back up with more chances for rain in mid-week.

"It doesn't mean it can't get cold again," he said. "The moral of the story is when we get cold weather this year it just doesn't stick around."