A large crowd at the Columbus High School Science Fair gave the students a chance to work with science in a manner that is understandable.

Each of the visitors were asked to select the top three projects in their opinion.

The winners of the “Peoples Choice Awards” from Chemistry One were: First place Nicole Robison for her “Pavlove Mice” and Jaymie Zook for “Hovercraft.” Second place was Josie Frietag for “Neutralization” and third plaace to Kylie Kresyman for “pH of Soil.”

In the Chemistry Two class first place went to Michael Reid for “Patty Power,” second place to Paige Fletcher for “Fletcher vs. Gerber” and third place to C.J. Napier for “Hydration.”

Students exhibiting projects included; Katrina Curry, Stephanie Henningsen, YoSeph Lee, Thomas Niegisch, Bobbi Ann Shanks, Jordyn Abott, Johanna Aldrighetti, Dale Benedict, Lauren Chesner, Samantha Cos, Michelle Embrey and Lucas Epler. Others exhibiting were Jordan Gregory, Katrina Gurney, Bailie Hatfield, Eric Robison, Jordan Swadley, BreAnda Banzet, Taylor Burns, Brandi Crain, Rebecca Endicott, Britany Flowers, Marissa Henderson Bruce Mikowlski and Jacob Mogle.

Other exhibitors were: Nathan Morris, Kate Overman, Shelby Perry, Breann Qualls, Baylee Simpson, Taylor Bole, Olivia Ellison Macy Engroff, Lainie Fouts, Sam Huvey, Aubrey Johnson, Kayla Justice, Trenton Morris, Bob Richards, Nicole Casey, Nicole Gilmore, Sean Gilmore, Keli Goben,Brody Horn, Paige Knight, Heather Ledford, Jin Lee, Kasey Schoech, Marissa Shaurette, Maeleigh Soper, Shaylee Thomas, Joe Tillman and Addison Williams.