Former Sen. Bob Dole is admired by many Kansans. He was a constructive leader in the U.S. Senate and Republican nominee for president. He is a strong and aggressive Republican Party stalwart. He has led the fight for those with disabilities. And he has fought for the recognition of veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country, particularly as the chairman of the National World War II Memorial.

President Trump is quoted in the Atlantic magazine calling armed service members and veterans "suckers" and "losers," particularly those war dead buried in cemeteries where they are honored. These allegations have been corroborated in part by the Associated Press, The Washington Post and Fox News. In addition, the president has consistently denigrated the ssacrifice and bravery of former Senator John McCain.

What does Bob Dole think of this? Will he condemn the hypocritical, loathsome comments of Trump? Dole supported Trump in 2016. Will he continue to support this vile man who denigrates those veterans who Bob Dole has spent much of his life as the champion for?

Ed Quick, Lawrence