8th Grade Game Columbus 0 Colgan 28

Last night the 8th grade football team lost their season opener against Pittsburg Colgan 28 to 0. After being down 20 to 0 in the first half, the Titans settled down and played much better only giving up one touchdown in the second half.

7th Grade Game Columbus 34 Colgan 38

The 7th grade game was a battle that went back and forth with the lead changing hands five different times in the game. On the last play of the game with 30 seconds left Colgan was able to score to win the game 38 to 34. On that play Colgan faced 4th & 20 and was able to score to win the game. Overall our kids played well and had many chances to win the football game. Keenan Stanley and Cameron Mitchell each scored two touchdowns for the Titans, and quarterback Ridge Smith scored the other touchdown. We also had three touchdowns called back and had many opportunities to win. The kids were upset by the loss, but the good news is that we will get the opportunity to have a rematch with the same team on September 20th. The game will be at Columbus with the game time beginning at 5:00 PM. The coaches were very pleased with the kids effort as they we able to come back and take the lead five different times. The line did a good job blocking and our running ran the ball well during the night. Defensively we a hard time stopping #20 but we did play well during most of the night.