For the second time this season the Titans were brushed aside by what has to be the quickest team in the South East Kansas League.

The Parsons Vikings, blew into Columbus on the cold northern wind and crushed the Titans 97-55, without hardly getting their second breath. It is hard to believe they have lost three times this season.

“When we played them in Parsons they got the lead but we came back,” said Titan Coach Kevin Brown after the game. “Tonight they never let up. This is a very solid, very athletic and very talented team. Some nights you just don’t match up.”

Using their press defense, creating turnovers then turning them into fast break opportunities the Parson team had a 27-14 lead over the Titans after the first quarter. As the game wore on Columbus wore down. The quickness of Parsons drove the Titans to fatigue early. Though Brown substituted often, so did Parsons head coach Mike Krull.

He would bring in the three point shooters for a while, Jeremy Rodie, a junior guard, was 3-4 behind the three point arch. The Vikings had nine of the three pointers in the game.

While the Titans’ Matt Crain and Joe Tillman were in double figures with 19 and 11 points respectively, Parsons had five players in double figures. Alex Smith led the Vikings in scoring with 24 points.

By halftime the Vikings were leading 55-29, but the Titans continued to play hard, producing their best scoring quarter of the night in the third period with 17 points. The score after three was 86-46.

“They really didn’t do anything we didn’t expect,” said Brown. “We knew if we left them unguarded outside they would make the three pointers and we knew if our passes were high they would tip them. Nothing was a surprise.”

Todd Lucian scored seven points including a three pointer for the Titans. Taylor Spear, Andrew Schoech and Lewis Kellogg scored four points in the loss.

The Titans will travel to Iola Friday night playing the Mustangs for the first time this season. Both games scheduled in Columbus have been called off for bad weather.