When the Titans and Chanute wrestled to a two-point difference for the SEK League Championship everyone in wrestling circles knew the Regional would be a great match-up.

The fans weren’t disappointed as the Titans and the Blue Comets were neck and neck through the entire Regional match.

“We thought getting eight through the regional was great,” said Coach Todd Napier after the regional in Caney Valley. “We had thought a couple of more might have had a chance but didn’t make it.”

Chanute, the SEK League champion is now also the regional champion, and Columbus second in the league is also second in the regional.

The Titans placed eight wrestlers in the medal rounds coming away with two first place, three second place, a third and two fourth place medals in the regional.

Chanute also will take eight wrestlers to the state tournament next week end (Friday and Saturday)

After the first day on the mats Columbus was second by only two points. After the championships Chanute had taken a 184-146.5 lead over the Titans.

Four SEK teams placed in the top ten at the Caney Valley Regional Friday and Saturday.

Moving to the state finals this week-end were:

Wt.    Wrestler    Yr.    Record    Place

103     Jacob York     10     11- 14     4th

125     Kyle Johnson     10     26- 10     2nd

130     Nick Thomas     12     24- 14     3rd

135     CJ Napier     12     32- 0     1st

140     BT O'Hara     10     28- 11     2nd

189     Nathan Morris    11     25- 11     2nd

215     David Lloyd     11     20- 12     4th

285     Tank Burns     11     30- 6     1st

February 20-21


Individual Results

Weight: 103

Yancey Edson Towanda-Circle Fall Jacob York Columbus Fourth place (11-14

Hunter Stalford Caney-Caney Valley Fall Josh Langstaff Mulvane

Weight: 112

Nate Hudson Caney-Caney Valley Dec Caleb White Mulvane

Kenneth Ornelas Chanute Fall Emilio Burnett Parsons

Weight: 119

Talyn Feller El Dorado Fall Denzell Davis Fort Scott

Zac Sparr Rose Hill Dec Tim Wrestler Chanute

Weight: 125

Troy Clark Chanute Dec Justin Sharp Fort Scott

Zach Peters Augusta Dec Kyle Johnson Columbus Second Place

Weight: 130

Nick Thomas Columbus Third Place Dec Tim Erbe Independence

Adam Leedy Chanute Dec Nick Collins Augusta

Weight: 135

Anthony Whittley Altamont-Labette County Dec Seth Hadley El Dorado, Bld time :23

CJ Napier Columbus First Place T-Fall Aaron Hamilton Augusta

Weight: 140

Cain McEwen Augusta Fall Maverick Horsch El Dorado

Cameron Jesseph Chanute Fall BT O’Hara Second Place . Columbus

Weight: 145

Michael Bird Mulvane Dec Dustin Smades Rose Hill

Sam Son Chanute Fall Ryan Allison El Dorado

Weight: 152

Lukias Stacy Chanute Dec Lee Culbertson Fort Scott

Lucas Cortez El Dorado Dec Jack Deffenbaugh Mulvane

Weight: 160

Brad Terry Caney-Caney Valley Fall Garrett Bruce El Dorado

John Hambleton Altamont-Labette County Fall Dylan Hagerman Mulvane

Weight: 171

Jared McComb Chanute Fall Johny Ainesworth Independence

Jake Price Caney-Caney Valley Dec Jacob Weaver Augusta

Weight: 189

Kody Scott Mulvane Fall Delon Knight Independence

Dylon Walker El Dorado Fall Nathan Morris Columbus Second Place (29-11)

Weight: 215

Eric Mason Caney-Caney Valley Dec David Lloyd Columbus Fourth Place (20-12)

Kendall Pierce Towanda-Circle Dec Steven Garcia Augusta

Weight: 285

Damone Hatch Independence Fall Luke Henning Augusta

Tank Burns Columbus First Place (30-6) Dec Dakota Denny Caney-Caney Valley

Team Results

1. Chanute      184.00

2. Columbus    146.50

3. Augusta     143.00

4. El Dorado    130.50

5. Mulvane     120.50

6. Caney-Caney Valley     114.00

7. Independence     68.00

8. Towanda-Circle     63.50

9. Altamont-Labette County     62.50

10.     Rose Hill     42.50

11.     Fort Scott     36.00

12.     Parsons     31.00

13.     Andover     18.00

14.     Coffeyville-Field Kindley     11.00

15.     Iola     7.00