Mostly known for instructing Ennis football players, the Lions field house was used for another audience — their mothers.

Ennis head football coach Sam Harrell put on the second Football 101 clinic last Saturday morning.

“Well, last year was our first year to do this,” he said. “We thought about it the year before but we were finally able to put it together last year.”

The clinic was offered to all females interested in learning about the game of football from the Ennis high school coaching staff.

The participants were given a complimentary breakfast, along with, an eight page packet containing a football field diagram, referee signals and offensive and defensive formation sheets.

“I think it’s great,” the Lions head coach said. “We have our coaches out here helping these ladies understand the game a little bit better. There are no males allowed to provide a non-intimidating atmosphere.”

The clinic was attended by over two dozen people.

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