On Jan. 4, the Chesapeake Bayhawks’ boys basketball team traveled to Towson to take on Carver Center for the Arts and Technology. What was to be a highly competitive basketball game ended with a bench clearing may lay, the result of which ended both teams’ seasons.

“In my experience in Baltimore County we have never had players assault one another,” said Ron Belinko, Baltimore County Coordinator of Athletics. “The police [at the game for security] actually had to break up the teams.”

According to Belinko, two players (one from each team) began feuding after a foul. The next thing officials and coaches knew the benches were clearing. The National Federation of Basketball rules stipulate that any player leaving the bench shall be suspended one game. Baltimore County Athletic rules state that a player found to throw a punch will be

expelled from athletic play for one year. Belinko said that after the

administration of both schools viewed the video tape of the game - both teams had spectators taping for scouting purposes - they found that after all guilty players were suspended they did not have enough players remaining to finish the season. Administration included the police at the game in their investigation.

Belinko went on to say that had the benches not cleared only the two players involved in the beginning would have been suspended. Thus, Carver and Chesapeake could have finished their seasons.