Central School girl’s basketball started their season off right.

The Junior Titans beat the Independence Bulldogs 41-29 in Independence.

Madi Evans led the Lady Titans with 20 points and six rebounds.

“We had a great start to the season with a win at Indy,” said Head Coach Tracy Simpson. “The girls worked hard to play with confidence and to control the game.”

The team had some first game jitters and played like they were coming from behind.

“Madi had seven field goals,” Simpson said. “She also had six free throws.”

The B team didn’t play as well, scoring only four points against the B-Team Bulldogs.

“We played hard,” said Coach Ty Sills. “We had a difficult time putting the ball in the basket.”

Kelsey Jones scored both baskets for the B-Team Lady Titans.

Columbus has a C team and they scored much better, losing 12-15.

Head Coach Simpson coached these girls too.

“I was really proud of the way the girls came out,” Simpson said. “They were aggressive from the tip-off.”

Lindsay Crum and Joree French led the C-teamers with four points each.

“This was Brianna Goodwin’s first basketball game,” Simpson said. “She put a lot of heart into the entire contest.”

All three Columbus Junior High teams played on Nov. 4 at Iola.